Saturday, September 16th  and Sunday, September 17th
2pm ~ 5pm
  November 9 - December 3, 2017
   Director: Scott Hynes

A Jewel Box debut as the legendary Plaids (Francis, Jinx, Smudge, and Sparky) come back to Earth to spread yuletide fun with the greatest holiday hits of the ages. Their second posthumous performance will offer a holiday treat wrapped up in a big red bow with a book.

4 Men (ages 19 - 50)

Francis:  The leader of the group. The most confidant. He takes care of his family of Plaids, and makes sure that everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, and what happens next. Has asthma. Compassionate, apologetic, and driven to keep the show going. Sincerely humble, yet the Romantic Crooner of the bunch.  Hip-hop/Rap skills a plus. 
Vocal Part:
Tenor 2 - Lyric Baritone - B5 to F3

Sparky:  The class clown with a heart. A wiseacre. Raconteur, and sharp. Regardless of energy and cleverness, he truly cares for his Plaid brothers. Step brother to JINX. Sometimes gets so excited he repeats himself, he is the comic engine of the show. He sings with joyous abandon and loves to perform, but he has a soft spot in him that begins to show through.
Vocal Part: Baritone – G5 to F3

Jinx:  The shy one. Sparky’s Step brother. He doesn’t always know what song or move comes next. Occasionally gets a nosebleed when he sings above A6. He sings great, and high.  His PlaidFam is very protective of him. 
Vocal Part: Tenor – D6 to F3

Smudge: The worrywart.  Lefthanded, his name comes from when he would smudge the paper as he wrote. Has a chronic nervous stomach, and is reluctant to perform. Dyslexic when it comes to telling his left foot from his right, he wears glasses which hide his good looks and sex appeal. Should have tremendous stage presence behind his nerdy fašade.
Vocal Part: Bass - G5 to F3

These men are not caricatures. They believe wholeheartedly in their mission. They are humble, modest, sincere, and grateful, even Sparky. They are rarely aware of the humor in the script. Each character takes a journey and becomes a new version of themselves along the way.

The Second Coming 
January 18 - February 11, 2018   
Director: Shawna Linck

The Sisters of Hoboken have staged their first benefit, which proved to be a huge success. As a ‘thank you’, and because the nuns have been bitten by the theatre bug, the group puts on a show for all who have supported them in the past. What could possibly go wrong?  Dan Goggin’s troupe will be another Jewel Box debut!

5 Women (ages 18 - 50+)

Sister Mary Regina (Mother Superior):  Looks 50 +   The head of the convent, she is respected greatly by the sisters. While she is strict, she has a hard time keeping the craziness of the convent at bay. She keeps her guard up in front of the nuns, but can't resist the spotlight. Part requires some very physical humor. The character will be played with an Irish accent.
Voice part: Mezzo/Soprano 

Sister Mary Hubert:  Looks 35 - 40 +   Hubert is in charge of novices, but fancies herself a Mother Superior and is constant competition with Mary Regina. She exudes maternal wisdom to novices, but also likes to let loose.
Vocal part:

Sister Robert Anne:  Looks 30 +    Once a child delinquent herself, this rough tough nun is a jokester and constantly challenging authority. She speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent and constantly displays her lack of refinement.
Vocal part: Mezzo

Sister Mary Amnesia: Looks 30 +++++   As the name suggests, she has lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head and does not know who she is except that she is a nun. She is very sweet, but spacey and incoherent, often slipping into displays inappropriate for a nun.  
Vocal part:

Sister Mary Leo:  Looks 18-25    Leo is the novice nun, still learning the way and coming to terms with her decision to give up "civilian" life. She has entered the convent with the firm desire to become the first nun ballerina, and when discouraged by Reverend Mother she takes to roller skates.  She is also easily swayed to join in mischief.
Vocal part:


All performers will need a good command of physical comedy, solid movement skills and willingness to learn choreography, and the ability to improv and interact with the audience.

Actors will read furnished sides / Resumes and photographs are required
For musicals, be prepared for movement combinations and 2 contrasting 16 bar cuts from the musical theatre genre