Saturday, July 7th  and Sunday, July 8th
2pm ~ 4pm
  August 23 - September 16, 2018
   Director: Chuck Tweed

S/Sgt 'Froggy' LeSeur, a British demolition expert, has brought his very shy friend,
Charlie, to stay at Betty Meeks' lodge in Georgia, while he works at a nearby army
base. When Charlie panics at having to talk to strangers, 'Froggy' tells him he will
tell the guests that his friend is from an exotic country and can't speak English. When Charlie hears too much, mayhem ensues and the laughs abound.  Larry Shue's
comedy was the winner of two Obie Awards and two Outer Critics Circle Awards.

5 Men (ages 25-50)  |  2 Women (ages 20-60)

S/Sgt. 'Froggy' LeSueur - 45-50 - Is an English and demolition expert in the British Army and an out-going kind of chap. Charlie's friend.

Charlie Baker - 45-50 - is a pathologically shy man who is overcome with fear at the thought of having to talk to strangers. 'Froggy' tells everyone at the lodge that Charlie speaks no English, and that sets up all kinds of comedy for the group.

Betty Meeks - 60-70 - is a widow who runs a run-down lodge in Georgia. She is a good Christian woman and tries to see the best in everyone. She is also a bit naive. She takes an instant liking to Charlie.

Rev. David Marshall Lee - 25-35 -appears to be the perfect gentlemen, loving his fellow man. However, the two-faced minister has a redneck associate, Owen, who have evil plans for the lodge.

Catherine Simms - 25-30 - is David's pregnant girlfriend. A former debutante, she is the sister of Ellerd, whom she takes care of. She does not quite understand David sometimes, and can be snippy, but it's from boredom from being at the lodge.

Owen Musser - 50-60 - is one big redneck, in cahoots with David to take the lodge from Betty for much less than it is worth. He is a wizard in the KKK, and not the brightest bulb in the box.

Ellard Simms - 20-25 - Appears to be slow and youthful. His 'observations' about anything, make one wonder what it is his head. He is a delightful ball of energy.


October 4 - 28, 2018   
Director: Don Taylor

Susy Hendrix is a blind Greenwich Village housewife who becomes the target of three
 con-men searching for the
heroin hidden in a doll, which her husband Sam unwittingly transported from Canada as a favor to a woman who has since been murdered. "Roat"
 leads his companions into thinking that they are going to be rich and will get the heroin
 soon enough.

6 Men (ages 25 - 65)
| 1 Woman (age 25-35)  | 1 girl (age 10-12)

Mike Talman - male 30-50's.  Mike is a seasoned con man. Working with his partner, "Sgt." Carlino, he has duped his marks out of their money for years in New York.  He is clever and charismatic.  Good at his job and may even enjoy doing it.

"Sgt." Carlino - male 30-50's.  Carlino is the partner of Mike.  His is not quite as clever as Mike, but they make a good team.  He understands the game but is perhaps a bit impulsive and more prone to mistakes.  They have been working together for years with success.

Harry Roat Jr. - male 30-50's  Roat is VERY clever.  An amoral man, any means to a successful end is fine with him.  He is the brains of the operation and has done his research well.  Roat is not impulsive like Carlino.  He is deliberate and calculating.  He is threatening but more menacing than anything.  He is calm in his demeanor but you always know how dangerous he is.  Roat is not just evil, he enjoys it!  Fear is his drug and he can't get enough. 

Susy Hendrix - female 30's Susy lives in the Greenwich Village apartment where the story takes place.  She is blind, but very clever. Her other senses tell her more than the average person would perceive.  She is the unwitting victim of the story having taken possession of a doll containing heroin which is much coveted by the villains.  She is sweet and lovable.  The audience must bond with her instantly.

Sam Hendrix - male 30's - 40ish  Sam is Susy's husband.  He is genuinely in love with Susy, though he seems tough on her.  He only wants her to be her best.  Sam is in the beginning and the end of the play.  He is out of town during the terrorizing of Susy.

Gloria - female 10-13  Gloria is the girl who lives in the apartment upstairs.  She helps Susy with chores around the house and the shopping.  Being left alone at home most of the time (her father left and her mother is at work most of the time), she acts out a bit.  She and Susy are close and Gloria has an important job to do in helping Susy solve the mystery of these con artists and murderers.  

Policemen (2) - 30-50's They are New York beat cops.  They come in at the end of the play to sort it all out.

Actors will read furnished sides / Resumes and photographs are required
For musicals, be prepared for movement combinations and 2 contrasting 16 bar cuts from the musical theatre genre