Saturday, September 29th  and Sunday, September 30th
2pm ~ 4pm
 November 15 - December 9, 2018

   Director: Billie Trash

Ken Ludwig comedy (Lend Me A Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo) that has Broadway star William Gillette, known the world over for his leading role of Sherlock Holmes, inviting
fellow cast-members for a weekend of fun. When one turns up dead, Gillette himself
must adapt as Holmes to solve the Christmas murder.

3 Men ages 23 - 55
5 Women
ages 23 - 70

All cast must have strong comic chops.  Many of of the characters have a slight British
accent  because of their constant immersion in the Sherlock Holmes canon.

William Gillette:  Male 35-50

A dynamic and charming stage actor/playwright (based loosely on the real person) who has made a fortune from his stage adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes mystery, whose character he also portrays.  When a murder occurs at his home during a holiday gathering of his fellow actors and a few surprise guests, he and they must attempt to solve the crime.


Felix Geisel:  Male 40-45

The company’s character actor and Gillette’s best friend (think Watson).  He is a true theatrical who has given his life to the stage.  Must be physically strong.  Married to Madge.


Simon Bright:  Male 23-27

The male ingenue of the company, Simon is a handsome and enthusiastic young man who can be overly sensitive and naive.  Recently married to Aggie, they make a charming and delightful couple but also harbor a dark secret.


Aggie Wheeler:  Female 23-27

The company’s ingenue, she is pretty, bright-eyed and full of spunk.  Though married to Simon, she also is extremely attracted to Gillette.


Madge Geisel:  Female 40-45

Wry and outspoken (think Rosalind Russell), Madge, like her husband, Felix, is a life long theatrical.  She’s game for anything and if backed into a corner will come out swinging.


Inspector Harriet Goring:  Female 40-59

Extremely English and eccentric she is completely one of a kind.  By turns, witty and incisive then suddenly lost and dim.  She is always off the mark and yet never far from the truth and somehow always gets her man.


Martha Gillette:  Female 70’s

William Gillette’s dotty mother.  Elegant, though a bit foggy, she never shies away from a fight and is fiercely loyal to Gillette and his gang of theatrical misfits. 


Daria Chase:  Female 35-45

Glamorous Show Bizzy columnist/critic.  Extremely witty, she knows everything about everyone and is perfectly willing to be disliked for her candor.  In fact, she invites it. 


January 24 - February 17, 2019
Director: Wil Rogers

Corie and Paul begin their married life. In Manhattan. In a tiny, 5th-floor walkup.
 With a lack of heat, and a broken skylight that leaks snow.  Paul, a straight-laced attorney, must face these obstacles with his free-spirit wife in Neil Simon’s romantic comedy hit.

4 Men ages 25 - 65
2 Women ages 25 - 65




Corie Bratter: Female 20-30
Paul’s new wife.  Beautiful young, in-love, She is a free spirit. Social. outgoing, and adventurous.  Spontaneous and care-free, she soon wishes her husband was more so.  - Maybe a little na´ve.

Paul Bratter:  Male 20-30
Corie’s new husband. A charming, well-groomed,  Conventional and level headed young lawyer, acting more like he’s in his 40’s.  Witty, but serious and he soon wishes his wife were less flighty.  – Maybe a little too uptight.

Ms. Ethel Banks (Mother): Female 40-60
Mother of Corie.  An independent, somewhat loopy and harried but healthy  and loving woman around 50, takes pink pills for her stomach. Very pretty, but hasn’t let her hair down in years. She is more like her son-in-law, Paul, than her daughter, but well meaning and willing to put herself through a trying night for her daughter’s happiness.

Victor Velasco: Male 40-60
Well dressed, eccentric, adventurous older man who lives in an even smaller attic apartment above the young couple. Wears a beret and scarf. Dyes his hair. He is peculiar, but Paul would say “crazy.” He is probably one of only four True Gormets in the world, introducing the lot to bizarre culinary treats. He has travelled, is wise, and flirty.  He sleeps on a rug, wears kimonos, and is as spontaneous as Corie. 

Telephone Repairman:  Male 30-50
Blue-Collar, good-humored man who makes wise observations about life and relationships, while installing and fixing the Bratter’s telephone. 

Delivery Man: Male 30-50
Climbing up 6 flights of stairs to the Bratter’s apartment  just might be his last action in this life.

Actors will read furnished sides / Resumes and photographs are required
For musicals, be prepared for movement combinations and 2 contrasting 16 bar cuts from the musical theatre genre