2014 - 2015 (57th) Season

August 21-September 14, 2014

Every August, five unforgettable Southern women set aside a long weekend to recharge their relationship. What began many years ago on their college swim team focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years. The Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten play is a Jewel Box debut!

October 2-26, 2014

What was supposed to be an entertaining evening having an eccentric medium over, turns into a hilarious nightmare for Charles Condomine. The séance summons Charles’ first wife, back to torment him over their marriage. When the second wife is in an automobile accident, she, too, returns to join in the mayhem. The classic Noel Coward farce is always an audience favorite!

A World Premiere
November 13-December 7, 2014

Max has two big problems: One, he is in debt to a loan shark for $20,000 for horse betting; and two: a woman drops off a 10-year-old boy (claiming Max is the father) for a week so she can get her life back in order. Imagine Max’s surprise when it turns out, during that time, the boy has a gift for picking winners at the track. That is, until his grandmother shows up! Author Michael Reimann has written an endearing look at how a man and a boy turn out to be the best bet of all! Original Play winner of 2014!

January 22 - February 15, 2015

The plan for three on-the-lam con artists who stumble upon Opal Kronkie, a middle-aged recluse who lives on the edge of the municipal dump, is to befriend her, be sure she has plenty of insurance, then plan her rapid demise. The con artists are shocked beyond belief when Opal, with her unfailing kindness and abiding faith in the goodness of human behavior, reveals a big secret to her new ’friends.’ John Patrick calls his comedy a ‘prank in three acts’.

March 5-29, 2015


Experimental surgery has been performed on a mouse named Algernon which increases his intelligence fourfold. The same surgery is performed on Charlie, a mentally-challenged man, who then turns into a genius. When Algernon shows signs of regression, it becomes a battle for Charlie to see if he can keep his progress. David Rogers’ powerful script is based on the popular Daniel Keyes novel.

April 16 - May 10, 2015

A father and his wife are in a turmoil! They have a 33-year- old playboy son, and a 21-year-old rebellious son who moves out of the house and into the playboy’s merry-go-round apartment. Guess who becomes the bigger playboy? Neil Simon at his best!